Colour in Polynesia from your own home.

Paint or colour in one of PortAventura Parkʼs most popular shows

Colour in Polynesia from your own home.

Itʼs your chance to fill PortAventura Park with colours. You will be given a picture of the Aloha Tahití show, one of the most beloved in the park and a highlight in our world of Polynesia, and you can colour it in as it is or as you would like it to be.


While the native Polynesians prepare their ancient rituals, you can take out your pencils to paint and colour this magical world to your liking. You just need a printer and paper to get started.


If youʼre a technology lover, you can even use your tablet or mobile phone to colour in the picture. The choice is yours.


Always carry a part of PortAventura World with you and dream of the thousands of adventures that can be lived in the parkʼs worlds from the comfort of the sofa in your own home. The perfect game to play as a family.