Make your own Christmas gift wrap

Customise it however you want with the PortAventura World guide

Papel Regalo


It’s time for Christmas joy and everything that comes with it during the most beautiful season of the year. For this reason, PortAventura World brings you this guide to create your own personalised paper and add an extra special touch to your Christmas packages.


You will need the following materials:

  • Any paper you have at home: this can be tissue paper, newspaper, magazines, notebooks, A4 sheets, etc. They all work well.
  • Scissors: to shape your wrapping paper.
  • Cardboard: to create shapes and templates.
  • Coloured paints: colouring pencils, felt tips, watercolours, etc. Anything that you can use to add colours to your gift wrap.
  • String: bows are essential to put the finishing touch to your wrapping. You can make them with string, laces or whatever material you prefer.
  • Stickers: to decorate the visible part of the wrapping paper and give it a personal touch.


When you have these materials, you can unleash your creativity! Combine as many as you want to create your ideal gift wrap.


Some ideas to inspire you:

  • Cut out cardboard shapes and use them to stamp your paper with colours.
  • Cut out parts of a newspaper or magazine to give clues of what the gift inside might be.
  • Decorate the wrapping paper with coloured stickers.
  • Draw coloured pictures on a large piece of paper and use it to wrap your gift.
  • Tie string around the package and finish it with a bow for a personal touch.