Head in a jar prank

Scare your friends with this amusing prank!

Head in a jar prank

Just in case the previous scares were not enough, and you want to take it to the next level, PortAventura World brings you the ultimate joke that is sure to give your friends a good scare.


Download the image of the head and follow the steps below for the terrifying head in a jar prank.


First, print the head onto photo paper so that it's waterproof.


Fill a jar with water and make sure it is big enough so that the photograph of the head fits inside.


Place the photograph of the head in the jar, place it somewhere your family or friends will never suspect and wait for them to get the fright of their life.



To make the result as realistic as possible, follow these detailed instructions:

  • Print on an A4 size paper for jars with a diameter of 10 cm or A5 for jars with a diameter of at least 6 cm.
  • Use an adhesive lining paper to waterproof the head.
  • Place the jar in the refrigerator or in a shelf at eye level so that the perspective is more authentic.


If you prefer to calculate the measurements manually, measure the diameter of the jar and multiply it by three.

​The result should be the maximum width of the printed image.