Cut-out Halloween masks

Cut out your funny Halloween mask!

Cut-out Halloween masks

Do you want to be the scariest guest at the Halloween party? Thanks to PortAventura World, you can make this a reality with these cut-out Halloween masks.


All you need:

  • Scissors
  • Paper and printer
  • Elastic cord


Follow these simple steps to make your own funny Halloween mask.


First, choose your favourite character and print it in colour. If you don't have a colour printer, you can print it in black and white and colour it in with your own pens.


Carefully cut around the outline of the mask. Use a pen or pencil to make two small holes at ear level in your Halloween mask.


Measure the correct length of elastic cord, making sure that it reaches from ear to ear and passes behind the head. Mark the measurement with one finger and make it a bit longer so you can tie a knot in each end.


Thread the elastic through the holes and make a knot in each end so that the knots are in front and the elastic goes behind the mask.


And there you have your terrifying Halloween mask!