Halloween Pumpkin Lantern

Transform a pumpkin into a terrifying lantern

Halloween Pumpkin Lantern

We've all seen the traditional Halloween pumpkins lit up inside, but have you ever dared to make your own? Halloween is the perfect season for this particular activity, so we are going to explain step-by-step how to transform a pumpkin into a Halloween lantern or a light or decoration for your home. It's so easy!



To make your Halloween pumpkin we need the following:

  • A pumpkin (preferably large)
  • A knife or scissors and a spoon
  • A cylindrical candle
  • A pen
  • A lighter or matches




Step 1

Choose your pumpkin. The pumpkin should be rather large, and its shape should be as round as possible with a relatively flat base. This way it will be perfectly stable and there will be no problem standing the candle up inside.



The first thing we do is to create a lid at the top and remove it. With a circular cut we leave the pumpkin exposed. Once uncovered, we will use the spoon to remove all the seeds and the flesh inside the pumpkin. We will try to scrape the entire surface as much as we can and leave the base as flat as possible. All the leftover filling can be used to cook a delicious pumpkin puree.



Step 2

Now we have our completely hollow pumpkin, so it's time to start drawing and outlining the face with a pen. In this step, you can be as creative as you want, but if you're not really arty, don't worry! You can always rely on the most common design: two triangles for the eyes, an upside-down triangle for the nose and a wide smiling mouth with two fangs at the top and one below. Another alternative would be to draw circles for the eyes, two small circles for the nose and the mouth with vertical cuts as scars.



Once you have drawn the outline, we will begin to cut around it with the knife, trying to make it as even as possible. The holes need to go all the way through the pumpkin skin for the lantern to be lit by the candle inside. If you are not completely sure, you can look at lots of examples on the internet, and even download templates.



Step 3

Choose a candle to put inside the pumpkin. It is important that both the base of the pumpkin and the candle are as flat as possible. Finally, light the candle and close the pumpkin with the top lid. Turn off the lights and you have an authentic Halloween pumpkin!