Scary stories - The story of Lucy

Delve into the story that tells the park's darkest secret.

Scary stories - The story of Lucy

[Create an intimate space with dim lighting.]


It was a cold October day. It was Lucy's 10th birthday. Finally, her long-awaited present had arrived: a day in PortAventura World. The whole park breathed Halloween, shrouded in a terrifying atmosphere and everywhere you looked there were characters that you would not like to come across on a dark night. Skeletons, spiders, zombies, monsters, ghosts, bloodcurdling pumpkins, and so much more. Lucy and her family went on all the rides, including twice on Furius Baco, Lucy's favourite.


She was having so much fun that, when it was time to leave, Lucy insisted that her parents let her have just one more ride on Furius Baco. Once there, her parents watched as Lucy, filled with joy at the prospect of even more thrills on her favourite attraction, hurried up the steps to be the first to climb aboard.


[The little girl is heard singing and skipping up the steps.]


When she arrived, Lucy saw that all of the cars were empty, so she sat down and waited for the rest of the people to arrive. Suddenly, the safety harnesses locked into place and the ride started to move. [The rattle of the ride moving along the tracks is heard.] She was right at the front of her favourite ride, on her birthday, and she had it all to herself. She was the happiest girl in the world. [Lucy is heard laughing out loud.]


But her luck was soon about to change...


When she looked down to see her parents, there was absolutely no one there. The park looked empty. She thought it was very strange, so when the ride had finished, she got off and looked all around. [Act surprised and look around you.]


[In a sweet but fearful voice.] How long have I been here? - Lucy asked out loud.


Suddenly, her happiness turned to fear. Darkness fell over PortAventura World. The only light in the park was from the thousands of spine-chilling pumpkins. Lucy was sad, frightened, and wanted to go home.


Little Lucy, scared to death, went to try and find the park exit. But she had no idea where it could be, she needed to be somewhere up high to able to see the exit from afar. Then, she saw a group of ghosts in a restaurant, having dinner and chatting to each other. [The ghosts are heard toasting and speaking in fearsome voices.]


-If we find her, we shall take her to Hurakan Condor, and leave her there all night, at the very top. [Evil laughter.]


When she heard this, Lucy started to shake! She knew that they were talking about her, she had to get out of there as quickly as possible. But she was so nervous that, as she was trying to flee, she tripped and knocked a chair to the ground. BAM! When they heard the noise, the ghosts turned around and started to chase her through the park. [Move your arms as if you were running.] She desperately looked around for the exit, it was the only way to escape. Luckily, Lucy knew that Shambhala was the highest roller coaster, so she decided that she would take a ride and look for the exit.


The ride started to move, but Lucy couldn't see a thing clearly. [The rattle of tracks is heard again.] She could only glimpse a large mansion at the end of the road. It was all lit up. [Point to the horizon.] After an hour of running aimlessly through the park, Lucy managed to reach a lighted path that led to this great mansion. She could see that the door was ajar. There was something familiar about all of this. [Creaky door sound.] She entered some kind of hall and sat down in an armchair to rest. [Sigh of relief.] She heard voices from upstairs. [In a worried voice.]


Lucy, is that you? – The voice floated down from the top of the mansion's long staircase. Lucy recognised the voice; it was her brother! [Act surprised.] Relieved, she ran up the stairs and into the darkness. She could see a room from which a light was shining out onto the hallway. She approached slowly, cautiously, and when she poked her head around the door, she could see some people… [Shouting.] It was her family! Lucy hugged her parents and her brother and swore that she would never be separated from them again.


And that was the story of Lucy, a brave little girl whose way of having fun was very scary indeed.



* This story has been created for entertainment purposes and is not based on actual events.