Broken toys manual

Give your toys a new lease of life with PortAventura World's broken toys manual.

Broken toys manual

Remember that doll you liked so much? What happened to her head? And that incredible robot you used to have at home, but now you can only find the legs?

The time has come for you to give your broken toys a new lease of life with the most fun Halloween manual ever: The broken toys manual.


All you need:

  • Parts of your broken toys
  • Glue or adhesive tape
  • Black or red paint


Follow these simple steps to turn your broken toys into the scariest creation ever.


First, look through your broken toys and choose which parts of the different toys you want to join together.

Choose wisely because the weirder and scarier it is, the more fun the toy will be.


Do you have them? Great!


Before you start, make sure that both parts of the toys fit together perfectly.

For example: you could put a doll's head on a robot's body.


Do they fit? Perfect!


Now, join the parts with a good glue to make sure each part of your toy is stuck firmly to the other.

You could also use adhesive tape to attach the parts together. This will allow you to disassemble the parts of your broken toys whenever you want.


Once you have created your broken toy, you can use black or red paint to add terrifying Halloween designs to it.

Or, if you think your toy is scary enough, you can leave it as it is.


There you have your terrifying broken Halloween doll!


Now you just have to take a photo and share it on your social media on the most terrifying day of the year!