Virtual attraction: Tutuki Splash

Feel the adrenaline rush on Polynesiaʼs most impressive attraction.

Virtual ride on Tutuki Splash

Can you imagine riding Tutuki Splash whilst still at home?

We present a virtual ride full of twists, turns and excitement, with dips and dizzying drops.


At the heart of Polynesia stands a devastating volcano, capable of destroying the entire surrounding jungle. Venture aboard one of the Tutuki Splash boats and escape the volcano eruption!


Start your tour deep in the belly of the volcano. You will cross an immense cave that ends in a refreshing waterfall. The journey continues upstream until you arrive at the mighty volcano. Sitting at the top of the crater, thereʼs only one way down. You will hurtle all the way down the side of the volcano until you hit the lake. The final wave will leave you stunned... and drenched!


Dare to ride Polynesiaʼs most emblematic and impressive water attraction?