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Club PortAventura annual passes

Unlimited access to our parks PortAventura Park, Caribe Aquatic Park and Ferrari Land, and enjoy more advantages inside and outside the resort

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Select the Annual Pass that best suits you!
PortAventura World offers you several types of annual Pass to adapt to the experiences you want to live throughout the year: Gold Pass, Premium Pass and Platinum Pass.
Telf .: 08080 234 3399 · Club office hours: 10 - Closing * Check the opening calendar

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Click here to see the new terms and conditions for the PortAventura World passes.


Live the experience to the fullest with the most complete PortAventura World Pass: access PortAventura Park, Caribe Aquatic Park and Ferrari Land.
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Discover the advantages of our premium passes for portaventura world


The Platinum Pass includes unlimited access to PortAventura Park, Caribe Aquatic Park and Ferrari Land, and many other benefits within and outside PortAventura World.
  • Free parking
  • Discounts on admission
  • Discounts in restaurants, shops and hotels within the resort
  • Offers and benefits for activities and shops outside the resort


In addition to the four payment methods, there are two types of free Pass available:
  • Children: Free for children under 4 years old. This Pass has no other associated benefits, is valid until the day the child reaches the age of 4 years old and does not accumulate any kind of benefit.
  • At least 75 % incapacity:Free pass upon presentation of valid card, certificate or official document in the Club office. This Pass will permit the holder to access attractions accompanied by a maximum of 4 other people, one of which must be an adult capable of assisting the disabled visitor, following any instructions given by park staff. Click here to see the services that PortAventura World makes available to visitors with special needs.
PAYMENT METHODS AND DISCOUNTSYou can pay for the Pass in the following ways:
  1. One payment: cash or card.
  2. Direct Debit (direct debits are only permitted for Spanish accounts):
    • If this is your first Pass, in 3 instalments: 30% cash or card at the time of purchase, 20% by direct debit two weeks later and 50% by direct debit three months later.
    • If this is a renewal, in 2 instalments: 50% cash or card at the time of the renewal and the remaining 50% three months later.
  3. Financed with CaixaBank Consumer Finance E.F.C., S.A.U. If you want to finance your Pass it will be necessary to provide the following information:
    CaixaBank Clients:
  • DNI/NIE National ID
  • CaixaBank card/savings book number
  • E-mail
    Other Clients:
  • DNI/NIE National ID
  • Utility bill
  • E-mail
  • Proof of income:
    • Employed: most recent payslip
    • Freelance: tax return
    • Retired: state pension document
SPECIAL DEAL FOR FAMILIESfrom the 4th family member, 25% discount on Junior Passes if the Passes are purchased over the phone or in person.
pases anuales portaventura
pases anuales portaventura
pases anuales portaventura


Unlimited entry to PortAventura Park


11 -59 years


Junior / Senior

4 - 10 years / +60 years


Person with Disability: 33% - 74% 220€

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