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PortAventura Christmas World
Be amazed by the incredible performance.

PortAventura World’s impressive large-scale Christmas musical show will be performed every day at the Gran Teatro Imperial in China.

Around a magnificent Christmas tree, this marvellous new musical Christmas show will fill the stage with different choreographies, spectacular lighting, dancers, singers and world-class acrobatic numbers. Be amazed by the incredible performance of the troupe of acrobats Trampolin Wall. You cannot miss this novelty in the Gran Teatro Imperial for the whole family.

PortAventura Christmas World is a fascinating musical on a grand scale, in which each dance, acrobatic number and song has been created exclusively for this unique show for Christmas at PortAventura. The Gran Teatro is full of Christmas lights that will transport you to a unique place in the world, a place where we all go back to being children, and that make PortAventura an ideal place to enjoy the magic of Christmas.

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