Graphic Material

This document contains copyrighted material for which use PORTAVENTURA ENTERTAINMENT, S.A.U. holds the copyright or have obtained the necessary authorization, in both cases with the specific limitations that are outlined separately. Unauthorized use, or beyond the stated limitations, of this material will be prosecuted under the substantive applicable Spanish legislation, making such person fully responsible for carrying it out both in relation to PORTAVENTURA ENTERTAINMENT, S.A.U., as against that third side who saw their rights violated.

Each photo in this document is encrypted. The final letter of each code identifies the shoot to which it belongs. Each photo session has defined valid rights corresponding to model and photographer. Coding Example: PA10101m - use restrictions in this picture we find detailed in the "m", corresponding to the session of the photographer Pep Escoda and modeling agency De Mil Models s.l.If the photo shows models you should pay attention to the limitations detailed in the section of models and photographers. Otherwise, only to the limitations of the photographer.

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