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PortAventura World wishes to inform you that the competent health authorities have adopted exceptional measures for the purposes of containment of COVID-19, which involves some changes in visits to our resort.


Do you need to get a PCR test?

Some countries are asking for proof of a negative PCR test upon arrival or return from your holiday. We can provide you with the details of a nearby and approved clinic that is able to perform the test: Eldine Patología / 977 13 96 10


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FAQS on our hotels

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FAQs on Club PortAventura

How does the time that the resort has been closed affect the validity of the pass?
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Do all the benefits and discounts also apply to the extension period?
What should I do if I also want to buy discounted tickets for my companions for the date of my visit?
If I cancelled my Pass and now want to buy it again, what are the applicable terms and conditions?