Information about the temporary closure of PortAventura World and the COVID-19 safety measures

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PortAventura World we want to give you the opportunity to visit us and live an experience full of emotions during the 2020 season.




PortAventura World wishes to inform you that the competent health authorities have adopted exceptional measures for the purposes of containment of COVID-19, which involves some changes in visits to our resort.


Here you can find the answers to your questions:

FAQs on our parks

When will PortAventura World open?
What are the opening hours of the parks?
Will I be able to use the tickets I have?
I have bought tickets for a specific day, but I want to change the date of visit. How do I do this?
For children under the age of 4 years old, do I have to buy a ticket?
I have a confirmed group booking. What do I need to do if we no longer wish to go?
How can I stay up-to-date with all the news from PortAventura World?
What will the park experience be like when I visit them?
Will there be shows?
Which attractions will be open? How are they going to work?
Will the use of a face mask be mandatory for all attractions?
Which restaurants will be open?
What measures will be applied in the restaurants of the parks?
Will night tickets or White Nights be available?
I have a promotional discount. How can I redeem it?
How will you inform us of the measures in place upon arrival at the park?

FAQS on our hotels

I have a hotel reservation; can I cancel it or change the date?
For which date can I make or modify a reservation?
How can I make or cancel my reservation?
We are a group with reservations in one of the hotels, what do we have to do if we no longer want to go?
What will the hotel experience be like if I book my holiday with you?
Which hotels will be open?
Will there be a buffet in the hotels?
Can we use the hotel swimming pools?
Are there any services that are not available in the hotels?

FAQs on Club PortAventura

With my Pass, do I still have unlimited access to the parks? How does this work?
How does the time that the resort has been closed affect the validity of the pass?
Are the Pass benefits still valid?
Do all the benefits and discounts also apply to the extension period?
What should I do if I also want to buy discounted tickets for my companions for the date of my visit?
If I buy a new Pass from 01/08, what are the applicable terms and conditions?
If I cancelled my Pass and now want to buy it again, what are the applicable terms and conditions?
If I kept my Pass active without requesting cancellation, is the extension still valid?
If my Pass is Premium or Platinum, will I be able to access Caribe Aquatic Park?
What can I do if I don't agree with these conditions?
If I decide to be reimbursed the proportional amount of the Pass that I have not used, what do I need to do?
How long do I have to decide between compensation or refund?
I renewed my pass during the period when the park was closed and I still haven't received it, what do I have to do?
I have automatic renewal activated and I have already paid the first instalment, when will you issue the second invoice?
I have automatic renewal activated but I still haven't paid anything. When will you issue the invoices?