Get in the #MoodAventura and spend 3 days at PortAventura World with a 10% discount on your tickets*
  • When to buy: from 30 May to 3 July
  • 10% discount on mid season tickets
  • 3 days, 2 parks tickets
  • Discount code: WEB_VERANO10
  • With 3 days, you can have 3 times more fun in the PortAventura World parks


Get in the #MoodAventura and spend 3 days at PortAventura World with a 10% discount on your tickets*

Brag about your great summer

When summer arrives, the desire to have fun gets even stronger. That's why we encourage you to get in the #MoodAventura, so you can live lots of experiences and live them in a big way. To get your adventure off to the best start, we're giving you a 10% discount on 3 days, 2 parks tickets.

With this discounted ticket package you will have unlimited access to PortAventura Park during the 3 days and 1 day access to Ferrari Land within the three days of your visit. So not only can you get in the #MoodAventura, but you can also get in the #MoodFerrari.

And what better way to do it than at an exclusive price? If you plan to visit our parks, take advantage of this special offer. Get 10% off your PortAventura World tickets so you can enjoy our parks without limits.

Do you want to get 10% off your tickets? We make it easy for you. Find the mid season dates that suit you best, enter the promotional code WEB_VERANO10 and have a great time at PortAventura World this summer. It's that simple!

Take advantage of this discount on 3 days, 2 parks tickets and discover the authentic PortAventurera experience. Brag about your great summer!

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Choose your experience

Three unique parks with thousands of thrills are waiting to surprise you. Don't miss out!

PortAventura Park

A fascinating journey around the most wonderful places in the world
  • 6 worlds full of fun
  • 40 attractions for the whole family
  • Daily shows

Ferrari Land

Live the passion, feel the emotion and adrenaline of Ferrari during your visit.
  • The only park in Europe dedicated to the Italian motor racing team
  • 16 rides and games
  • Theming that will transport you to Italy's most iconic sites

Caribe Aquatic Park

This summer, enjoy PortAventura World's most refreshing water park.
  • A world where water reigns
  • 16 attractions and pools
  • A Caribbean setting inspired by the age of pirates
  • Discover two parks at PortAventura World
  • The 3 days, 2 parks ticket consists of a 1-day access to PortAventura Park and Ferrari Land (on the same day), in addition to another 2 days of access to PortAventura Park. See here for dates and terms and conditions.