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Special offers and PortAventura World combined tickets

Find the best prices and discounts for multiple days, combined tickets, large families and disabled visitors.

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Buy your PortAventura World tickets: featured offers, promotions, discounts on combined tickets and ... better rates for groups and families!

If you are considering a visit to PortAventura World and want to know more about the promotions, discounts and rates offered by the park, you are in the right place. Here you can find all the updated information on current offers and the best prices available at any time. 

Find tickets at the best price here, adapted to your personal tastes and requirements. Get to know the discounts and promotions available for PortAventura Park and everything you need to know about tickets to Ferrari Land. Our price range is designed so that you can choose the most suitable admission option for your ideal getaway. Decide the days you want to visit, where you and your family are going to stay, what you would like to know about the theme park and the shows and activities that you would like to attend during your PortAventura World holiday.

If you want to visit us at Halloween or Christmas, you will discover the incredible themed and special events offered by each of the areas and get to see the special decorations on these dates. 

We also offer various special promotions, such as 2x1 with special cards or by collecting various promotional tickets, discounts for children for a great value family visit, and half-day rates where you will benefit from a special discount when attending just half the day, amongst others. With your ticket purchase, you will visit the park at the scheduled time with access to shows and attractions and many other services!

For specific cases we also offer: admission for multiple days, combined tickets and special rates for large families and disabled visitors, etc. Delve a little deeper and you’ll be amazed by the incredible promotions that the park has to offer.

Choose your experience and join us for a great time!

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Special rates at the ticket booths

Before taking advantage of our special rates, first of all make sure that you meet the necessary requirements.

Disabled visitors

Large families

Visitors with Special Needs

Are you a holiday group?

Are you a school group?

Disabled visitors


How can you get the most out of your experience?

Once you arrive at our parks, you can buy Express passes at the ticket booth for maximum fun and preferential access to the main attractions. Take a look at the benefits!

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