• When? 4, 5, and 6 July 2024
  • Where? At PortAventura World – Parking area 3 (41.095993, 1.155599)
  • Festival Start Time: from 6 pm
  • General Admission, Front Stage, VIP, and Platinum
  • Packages with tickets, hotel accommodation, and exclusive benefits

Boombastic Festival arrives at PortAventura World

A cocktail of all your favourite emotions!

Can you imagine enjoying all the fun of PortAventura World and all Boombastic Festival's best songs?
Well, that's what you can experience from 4 to 6 July, because, this year, one of the country's best festivals is coming to our resort. Sleep in our themed hotels, climb aboard our best rides, and sing your heart out at concerts performed by your favourite artists.

A unique experience that you'll remember for the rest of your life. So choose the package that best suits you, and get ready to give it your all on an unforgettable adventure!

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Join us for Boombastic Festival at PortAventura World!


From €115

With this package, get a 3-day festival pass + 3 days, 2 parks tickets for PortAventura Park and Ferrari Land.


From €342/per person in a double room

This package includes, in addition to a 3-day festival pass, accommodation at one of the PortAventura World hotels from 4 to 7 July (3 nights), along with unlimited access to PortAventura Park during the entire stay and 1 day in Ferrari Land. Maximum 4 people/room (from €240 for the 3rd and 4th person sharing the same room).


    From €561/per person in a double room

    During the festival days, our Hotel Caribe will transform into… Hotel Boombastic! There, you'll get to share exclusive experiences with artists and influencers such as: Welcome Party, Beauty Sessions, Brunch, a Beach Party…

    The package includes a 4-night stay, from 3 to 7 July, with unlimited access to PortAventura Park throughout the stay and 1 day in Ferrari Land, in addition to the 3-day festival pass. Maximum 3 people/room (from €441 for the 3rd person sharing the same room).


      From €56

      If you prefer to come for the festival only, you can buy the 3-day pass here. Although, since you're here anyway... Why not experience the ultimate speed of our rides?

      +PortAventura Club members and PortAventura World employees will receive a unique promotional code for a 20% discount. Only 3,000 available. Grab yours now before it's too late!

        Important information about the festival

        • Under 16s must be accompanied by a responsible adult and show a permission slip signed by their parent or legal guardian.
        • Limited capacity (30,000 people)
        • There are no assigned seats. Please arrive at the festival venue in advance (doors open 30 minutes before the start time).
        • Resale prohibited.
        • The distribution and sale of counterfeit tickets or unofficial merchandising is prohibited and punishable by law.
        • Any changes relating to the event will be communicated through the social media profiles of Boombastic and PortAventura World, and to the e-mail addresses that PortAventura World and Boombastic Festival have on file for the purposes of this event.
        • PortAventura World and/or Boombastic may record, photograph, or film the event, and you therefore consent that you may be recorded or photographed as part of the audience and, consequently, your image may be used in commercial or advertising broadcasts and in any media in the world, without time limits and without receiving any remuneration or benefit in kind in return.
        • The use of professional cameras, videos, or any kind of audio, illustration, or audiovisual recording equipment during the event is strictly prohibited.
        • It is forbidden to enter the venue with flags, emblems, clothing, or other items of a political or racist nature, or that are likely to incite hatred of any kind.
        • Strobe lighting, pyrotechnics, lasers and other smoke effects may be used as part of the event.
        • Right of admission reserved.
        • The use and enjoyment of the facilities (concerts, access to the parks, and hotel accommodation) will be carried out in accordance with their Operating Rules, which are available to guests at www.boombasticfestival.com an www.portaventuraworld.com or at the Guest Service Office.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        • What is the Boombastic Festival at PortAventura World?

          Boombastic is a festival circuit, an experience, and a communication channel. In short, it is a lifestyle focused on Gen Z, with a presence in strategic points of the country and capacity for up to 55,000 people per day.
          • Which artists will be performing?

            You can find the line-up on our social media.
            • What are the concert times?

              The festival will run from 6 pm until 3 am.
              • How much does it cost? How can I buy tickets?

                The price varies depending on the type of pass or package you wish to purchase, and ranges from €56 for a 3-day festival-only pass to €561 for 4 nights at Hotel Boombastic.

                You can buy tickets at www.boombasticfestival.com and www.portaventuraworld.com.
                • Is there a festival pass for 1 day only?

                  No, currently passes are for all 3 days of the festival.
                  • Is there any discount for +PortAventura Club members and PortAventura World employees?

                    +PortAventura Club members and PortAventura World employees can purchase a 3-day pass for the festival with a 20% discount using a unique promotional code. Only one discount is available per member or employee. The number of passes available with the promotional code is limited to 3,000.
                    • Is there a special rate for people with reduced mobility?

                      People with reduced mobility who wish to attend the festival can purchase their ticket on the festival website: www.boombasticfestival.com
                      • Can I attend the festival if I don't have a ticket to PortAventura Park?

                        Yes, you don't need to have a valid ticket to PortAventura Park to attend the festival.
                        • Can minors attend alone?

                          The resort's entry rules state that "minors under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult of legal age" to be able to access PortAventura Park and Ferrari Land.

                          In the case of the Boombastic venue, minors under 16 years of age must be accompanied by their parent, legal guardian, or an authorised adult. From the age of 16, minors will be able to access the venue unaccompanied if they hold a signed permission slip (you can download the authorisation for minors at www.boombasticfestival.com).
                          • What are PortAventura Park's opening times?

                            On 4, 5, and 6 July, PortAventura Park and Ferrari Land will be open as indicated in the opening dates and times available at www.portaventuraworld.com.
                            • Do packages with PortAventura World tickets or accommodation include tickets to the Caribe Aquatic Park water park?

                              No, but these can be purchased online at www.portaventuraworld.com, from the PortAventura World ticket booths, or even at the hotel.