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Woody PortAventura

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Winter Magic Bubblebou
With the help of just a little bit of soap and lots and lots of imagination...

Our alchemist has a great time creating bubbles of all sizes and colours, from thousands of smaller bubbles to the biggest soap bubble you have ever seen.

PortAventura is home to one of the best alchemists, who will surprise you with spectacular numbers, never seen before.

He takes a small pool filled with water, some soap and, using the tools at his disposal, creates bubbles of all sizes: from thousands of tiny bubbles that fill the Templo Mágico de PortAventura to the most enormous soap bubble that you have ever seen. And for this time of year, the bubbles are filled with the festive spirit in a special Christmas version of this magical show for the whole family. Children will be fascinated and grown-ups left speechless by the illusions. The amazing magician of Templo Mágico is getting ready to celebrate a very special Christmas and is already decorating a tree unlike any other you will have seen before, adorned with numerous soap bubbles of all sizes.

Experience the magic of Christmas in a fantastic world of reflections and shapes!

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