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La Selva del Miedo

Selva del Miedo (Forest of fear) Show

A mysterious legend pervades each and every corner of Polynesia in PortAventura. At Halloween time the most peculiar beings emerge from the darkness to roam the spine-chilling and never-ending Forest of Fear.

The few remaining survivors tell of blood-curdling encounters with terrifying monsters and creatures of the night that inhabit the forest and menace the living once the sun goes down. Dense fog makes it impossible to see further than your own feet so you have to be brave to fearlessly cut through the undergrowth. To survive the depths of this jungle you must enter as a group in the hope that there will be safety in numbers. Don’t lose sight of your companions and, most importantly, never retreat.

Fear will pursue you and fill every corner of the jungle as the Forest of Fear is home to fifty monsters and strange beings. The whole place is shrouded in fog with only a very faint light to guide your way. Take a deep breath, make sure you are not alone and try not to scream because if they find you, nobody will be able to save you from a terrorific night of fear.

A paralysing experience on a journey that is truly terrifying from start to finish.

La Selva del Miedo: A passage of terror that goes on forever! Good luck!

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