Bang Bang West

Robberies are the order of the day in Far West. Will the villains be able to break into the safe and get away with the loot?

Type of Show​: Adventure

Exclusive Access for people with disabilities and reduced mobility
Bang Bang West

PortAventura Park presents an action-packed, rhythmic, fun-filled spectacular to amaze the entire family. Without even realising, you will become immersed in the Far West. Real soldiers in a crazy fort, old wooden constructions, dust, bullets, water holes, cannons, explosions and gunfire... so much gunfire! All bathed in the characteristic humour of Bang Bang West!

Maximum action in the heart of the European theme park’s Far West area with a show that follows in the true traditions of the Wild West movies... without leaving PortAventura Park!  You will be impressed by the lookout post next to the farmhouse, the water mill, even the latrine… and all this will be the source of many surprises for the audience of PortAventura Park’s hilarious show, Bang Bang West.

It all starts on a great day at the Penitence bank. Sergeant William Callaghan is waiting for the lovely Dolly, who is carrying a large sum of money to deposit in the bank. Can he keep safe all of the money with only a small military unit? Hopefully the Collins, the evil and famous band of villainous brothers, will not show up and try to take the loot...

The clumsy but friendly soldiers will do their best to defend the bank from any mishaps.

Bring your family to the most despicable and fun show in PortAventura Park. In Penitence City’s most guarded fort, you will embark on wild adventures in pure Far West style with specialist actors, acrobats, explosions, and gunshots... genuine and unbridled madness! A lot of action and humour in this show at PortAventura Park!

In addition, you can watch other shows in Far West, such as Can Can West, featuring a live singer!

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Times: 15:00 – 17:00 – 20:00 Except Thursdays

Until: 07/09/2019
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